5 Best Mattresses Under $500 – Review and Buying Guide

Are you short on cash yet would wish to up your comfort in times of sleep? Well, then you have arrived at the right page. Our goal in this conversation is to showcase the best mattresses under $500 at the moment.  

5 Best Mattresses Under $500

Below listed are some of the best mattresses that are priced under $500. You can read through this post and decide on which is the best one for you. So, let’s get started.

1. Sweetnight Queen Mattress

best mattresses under $500

Do you happen to change beds every quite often? You need a mattress which is universal and fits all kinds of beds. This is the one we ask that you try your hands on. It is highly versatile, possesses a slatted base, and comes in a truly compact size.

The mattress is intended to be slipped as need be. This simply means that you may use it on whichever side or direction you desire. This again goes a long way in enhancing its use and overall significance. Due to this trait, the mattress also serves the back and side sleepers conveniently.


  • Resists dust and mites due to hypoallergenic nature
  • Maintains some cool and smooth airflow
  • Conforms to the high environmental safety standards
  • Lets you sleep on two sides smoothly
  • Appropriately fitted for deep sleep


  • Tough and cumbersome to handle
  • Difficult to maintain
  • Cannot accommodate any attachments




2. Nectar Twin Mattress

Are you that kind of a sleeper who has no fixed or preferred resting position? You definitely need a mattress which has the ability to offer appropriate support to any sleeping position. This is the one we ask that you attempt. Its flagship trait is the conferment of optimal firmness levels.

Making this mattress stand farther apart is the fact that it is very soft. Thanks to this softness, you will find it great for your sensitive skin. Chances of your skin becoming too suffocated while sleeping is highly suppressed. This way, you get to enjoy unconstrained levels of use and comfort.


  • Handles all kinds of sleepers and sleeping positions
  • Backed by excellent customer service regime
  • Certified by the various accreditation agencies
  • Provides firm support and comfort to your body


  • Too cumbersome to carry around
  • Traps dust and dirt easily




3. Signature Sleep Mattress

If you tend to sleep for too long, you want a mattress that is similarly tough and supportive. We welcome you to try this one out. By its sheer nature, construction, and overall scope, it has the ability to exude premium comfort for too long. This stems from its excellent construction and makeup.

Then again, the mattress is also reversible. For this reason, it does give out added versatility which comes in the ability to flip and rotate it appropriately. This way, you get to even out the pace of wear and tear. The end result is long-lasting and reliable support.


  • Conforms to the contours of your body
  • Works on multiple surfaces and beds
  • Low in volatile organic compounds
  • Fire-retardant and suited for use in hazardous environments
  • Supports numerous sleeping positions


  • Costs a lot to afford
  • Catches dirt easily and simply
  • Lacks appropriate certifications




4. Zinus Memory Foam Mattress

A good mattress sometimes has to go beyond merely resting your back. You want to add some sense of class and elegance. This one will take you further than that. That is because it is infused with the castor natural seed oil and green tea extracts. They enhance your aroma and ward off bacteria.

Compared to many of its peers, this one takes shorter to compress more so in the cold weather. Your choice of it is hence a good way to enjoy unconstrained applications. That is because you take shorter to have it in the proper functioning and working conditions.


  • Outlasts many of its peers
  • Comparatively more stable and resilient
  • Decompresses at a faster pace
  • Suitable for all kinds of sleepers
  • Confers plush support to your back


  • Disparages those who are allergic
  • Loses relevance as soon as the aroma fades
  • Contours not to your body shape




5. Sleep Innovations Taylor Memory Foam Mattress

Each person possesses a unique size, weight, and formation of the body. It cannot hence be that the mattress that works for you also works for another person. The manufacturer of this mattress is the only one that captures this reality well. That is why he has formulated one that cradles your body uniquely.

On the mattress exudes some medium to firm feel. Courtesy of this vital trait, it does exude some maximum comfort from the head to the toe. By spending a night on it, you wake up feeling greatly refreshed and recharged to take on your day.


  • Conforms to the average to larger body sizes
  • Guarantees maximum comfort and support
  • Regulates the temperatures appropriately
  • Relieves pressure from your joints and muscles
  • Aligns personally to your body’s contours


  • Demands too much attention on your part
  • Inflicts higher repairs and maintenance costs
  • Too large to use in an outdoor camping environment




How to find the best mattress?

To be able to find the best size of a mattress, you have to factor several issues. Listed and explained below are but a few of them:

Bed Size

The size of your bed is a very important consideration indeed. You do not want to choose a mattress which is either too large or too small for your bed. To solve this puzzle well, be sure to mark out the dimensions of your bed, first and foremost. Go ahead to find that mattress that fits within those dimensions.

Desired Levels of Comfort

Mattresses are designed to exude different levels and extents of comfort. You hence have to be sure to find that which has the potential to meet those specific needs. Some of the issues to look at are the materials used to make it up, the firmness thereof, and the ability to contour to your unique body shape.

Intended Location of Use

Where exactly do you plan to utilize the mattress? Is it indoors or out in a remote camping site? You have to ascertain this well in advance. That is because different mattresses are designed for different purposes and areas of use. If you want one for your camping, be sure it is very light and foldable.

Inherent Medical Issues

Do you have any inherent medical issues like spinal injuries, muscle cramps, and broken joints? You have to find a mattress which is optimized for such conditions. The consideration is necessary to be able to gain higher returns on your investments. It is also good to choose a suitable mattress to speed up your healing.

Our guide to the best mattresses under $500 ends there. We now leave it to you to carry on from where we have left. Getting started should not really be a nightmare. Simply pick the ones we have reviewed above as the starting point. In case you find none relevant, use the buying guide we have showcased as the criterion to choose the best one. 


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