How To Disinfect A Mattress?

Mattresses hold us for around for one-third of our time. That is because we sleep for at least 6-7 hours each day. This close and prolonged contact has certain serious side effects notwithstanding the comfort we receive from it.

Respiratory tract infections are by far the most common and severe of these. Our close contacts inevitably push us to inhale the dirt and dust. To stem the adverse side effects, it is necessary to sterilize the mattresses. We are going to walk you through the steps involved.

Here are some effective ways to disinfect a mattress

Method #1: Using the Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI)

This is disinfection mechanism that employs short-wavelengths of the Ultraviolet C light to inactivate or exterminate the microorganisms that may be present in your mattress. It does so chiefly by damaging the nucleic acids of the said microorganisms and destroying their DNA completely.

In this way, the microorganisms are rendered incapable of performing crucial cellular activities. The method is complicated and expensive. It may only be implemented by trained and experienced experts at a fee, of course.

Step-by-step Procedures

Step I: Bring in the necessary Machines

The first step is to bring in the necessary machines. As stated, the machines are complicated to operate and are also risky. As such, this is not a method you can implement at home. You definitely have to bring in the intervention of a dedicated company.

Call the company of choice to come and handle this task. You have to confirm its suitability for the role by looking at past testimonials.

Step II: Engage the machine

This is the core of the sterilization process. It entails powering the machine to let it emit the ultraviolet C rays. Like we have already stated, this is a delicate process which has to be undertaken by a trained expert only.

The rays are directed to all the corners of the mattress. At the same time, both sides of the mattress are impacted equally. The aim is to be as comprehensive and effective as possible.

Step III: Ultraviolet Breakdown

While spraying the ultraviolet radiation to the mattress, the microorganisms are impacted as need be. That rays break the DNA of those microorganisms apart chiefly by impacting their nuclei.  In this way, they lose the ability to reproduce.

The long-term impact of this is that they do not regenerate but undergo some smooth yet slow death. Compared to many alternatives, this method yields more permanent outcomes. That is because it wards off any possibilities of regrowth.

Step IV: Clean the Mattress

After sterilizing it, you have to leave it undisturbed for some time. Thereafter, proceed to clean it to rid it of dirt or any other ghastly marks. Use powerful detergents and water to do this job. Be sure that the final outcome is sparkling clean.

Follow this by suspending the mattress higher above the floor levels. This is to prevent the mattress from being in close contact with the ground. It is important that you do this to prevent it from picking any germs or molds.

Step V: Change your bedding every quite often

As a long term solution, you are advised to remake and change your bedding every quite often. Remember, as you use your bedding more often, it becomes predisposed to the risks of germ accumulation.

Complement this by washing your bedding in steaming hot water. This will also slow down the growth and proliferation of germs in the long run. Change your bedding preferably once a week.

Method #2: Clean The Mattress With Vodka

Vodka is a well-known alcoholic beverage. However, what most people are oblivious to is the fact that it may also serve as a disinfectant. That is due to its efficacy in eliminating many germs and suppressing odors that are generated by bacteria.

Moreover, it also leaves behind some awesome aroma. This is not to mention that it acts faster than many other natural disinfectants. You may thus consider making use of it to get rid of germs off of your mattresses.

Step-by-step Procedures

Step I: Acquire the vodka drink

The first step is finding the right vodka drink for the job. Even though this drink comes in diverse potency and formulation levels, they all work the same. No one variant is more effective in matters disinfection than the other variants.

It is hence in your best interest to find one which falls well within your own means and financial muscle. Also, be sure that you obtain the right amount for your unique mattress size.

Step II: Vacuum the Mattress Surface

Move to the next step of vacuuming the surface of your mattress. The aim of this is to eliminate all the loose dirt and other hidden particles. If left intact, these may act as impediments to your proper functioning and operations.

Vacuuming is also necessary as it hastens the pace at which the vodka is absorbed by the mattress. This cuts down the waiting time and the subsequent sterilization process altogether.

Step III: Prepare the vodka for the disinfection

Now prepare the vodka for the subsequent of disinfection. Pour it into a spray bottle. Thereafter, spray it lightly to the entire surface of the mattress. Be sparing in your approach, to prevent any possibilities of soaking up the mattress.

Pour generous amounts in tight corners, cracks, and crevices. These areas are the ones that mostly harbor the dirt and germs. You may also make use of insecticides at this stage.

Step IV: Dry the Mattress

After you have completed spraying, it is now time to let the mattress dry completely. Place it out in the sun to allow for maximum exposure to the external weather elements. Turn it upside down after some time to let each part of it to be impacted equally.

You may have to re-dry it a second day if the first exposure did not yield the comprehensive outcomes that are needed.

Step V: Disinfect the bed

Other than the mattress, it is also a good idea to disinfect the bed itself. Remember, some dirt and germs are always present in the bed structure itself. If left intact, they may invade your mattress later to predispose you to the usual risks.

The procedure is pretty much the same. Sprays the bedding and particularly the corners and crevices with sufficient amounts of vodka. Leave the bedding intact for some time to let the vodka act fully.

Method #3: Use the Antibacterial Sprays

Antibacterial sprays are chemicals which a mix of natural oils and chemicals. These have anti-fungal and antibacterial characteristics. On account of this, the sprays are great at exterminating bacteria and other harmful germs which may be present on your mattress.

You have them as your option yet again in disinfecting your mattress. They stand out mostly by reason of being easily accessible and requiring no formulation prior to eventual use. Further, they also cost less.

Step-by-step Procedures

Step I: Choose the spray solution

The most onerous task in all these is selecting the right spray solution. The best solution has to be completely free of bleaches. You do not want to harm the fibers and covering of your mattress anyhow.

If you opt for the liquid cleaner, you have to follow the mixing instructions as diligently as possible. Too potent solutions are harmful while too dilute are ineffective. Put on a pair of gloves to prevent any harms to your hands.

Step II: Pour the solution in a suitable bottle

Move on now to pour the solution in a suitable bottle. The best bottle to make use of is the spray one. That is because it is easier to engage and also channels the disinfectants smoothly and precisely to the desired area or target.

Yet again, you have to exercise some due diligence as you go about this. You do not want to harm your hands or fingers in the course of so doing.

Step III: Vacuum your bed and mattress surfaces

Prepare your bed and mattress for the subsequent task of disinfection. To do this, vacuum it to get rid of any loose dirt and other hidden debris. The same is also effective for the elimination of any possible allergens. This procedure also ensures faster responses and limited hindrances.

Step IV: Spray the mattress and bed

Get now to the crux of the matter. Spray your mattress and bed using this liquid. While at it, channel the sprays to the precise areas that are more predisposed to germs and other pathogens. These include the corners of the mattress and the crevices within the bed.

Do not forget to turn the mattress upside down and sideways for the sake of maximum impacts. You might also have to vary the potency to cater to those areas that are more likely to be a powerful breeding ground for germs.

Step V: Wipe out the spray

Once you are done with spraying, you now have to wipe out any residues. To do so, you have to make use of some clean rag. Dip it into some warm water. Ring it thereafter to eliminate excess water. Thereafter, go ahead to wipe down all the surfaces which you will have already sprayed.

Step VI: Leave to dry completely

Finish off the entire exercise by leaving the mattress to dry out. If possible, get it out to the sun to let the sun dry it. As that happens, turn it the other side after six or so hours to be sure that the said side is impacted completely.

Method #4: Leverage the power of Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning involves the use of steam to sterilize the surface of your mattress. Compared to the other alternatives, this is an eco-friendly solution as it is devoid of chemicals and less likely to inflict cancer.

This method is particularly effective for the nasty allergens and little critters like mites. It is nevertheless tedious and requires the intervention of other parties to actualize. The process brings about faster outcomes though.

Step-by-step Procedures

Step I: Eliminate all dust and dander

Start off by eliminating all the topical dust and dander. You do this by vacuuming the mattress over and above making use of the crevice tools. Make every attempt to get into the finer and otherwise inaccessible parts of the mattress while at it.

After you are through with one side, let your companion help you to turn the mattress upside down. Repeat the same procedure to be sure that the entire length and breadth of the mattress is completely impacted.

Step II: Run the steamer atop the mattress

Get down to the serious business of steaming the mattress. Using a hand-held steamer, run the cleaner atop and across your mattress’ surface. Access every inch or corner of the surface as thoroughly as you can. You are advised to make use of only short bursts of steam to do this.

Avoid soaking the mattress with too much heat. It might never be easy to dry the mattress later after you are through with steaming. Also, ensure that you target the specific portions of the mattress that are more vulnerable to germs and dirt.

Step III: Leave to dry

Having done all that may be necessary, it is now time to leave the mattress to dry. Yet again, it would be best if you take the mattress out in the sun for it to dry completely. Use some clean and dry piece of cloth to eliminate excess moisture if any exists.

Obviously, you have to turn the mattress upside down to let each one dry out fully. If you choose to do so indoors, be sure that the room is properly ventilated. It is only in this manner that the mattress will dry out faster and completely.

It is not really sensible to read through the explanations above without taking some tangible course of action. Go ahead now to choose the method of your preference and relevance.

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